Yesterday “the old lady”  spent most of the day stretched out (prone) in her easy chair-recliner. Why? A couple of complaints!! (1) Too much sitting at the computer doing genealogy (and pain I won’t explain), and (2) monster headache from empty propane tank stinky odor. I think there’s a conspiracy to defeat “the old lady.”  Now my newer laptop computer is obstreperous!! The two laptops are malfunctioning!! The desktop computer still awaits required setup. As I attempt to write this blog message, WordPress  isn’t functioning the way I’m familiar with. Did WordPress  make program changes overnight?? Is the problem my laptop?

There’s a Christian song that says “I’ll not be defeated, I’ll not be defeated, I’ll not be defeated anymore!”

I look forward to Spring–and gardening–fresh air and exercise.

(I’m not complaining!! Remember, this is my journal and I’m documenting current conditions.)

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