On the horizon…

…”more than twelve hours of triple-digit temperature.”


Miserable heat yesterday, today and tomorrow. The TV meteorologist said prolonged hours of triple-digit “feels like”  temperature. On my horizon, another “genealogy challenge.” Regularly, I compare my individual with the individual in other Ancestry Member Family Trees. Another illustration of conflicting information. (Click the image to enlarge for better viewing.)

Humble pie ?!

If I had it (the T-shirt), I’d wear it. It’s time to admit I was wrong (but I’m not saying “they” are right). I’ve been going in circles; my brain is exhausted!! If it weren’t extremely hot, I’d take a walk; I’d work in the yard; I’d go grocery shopping, etc., etc.  This new “Grisso” challenge keeps drawing me back to the computers. Yes, two laptop computers simultaneously working with information on Ancestry.


Too many families? I was working with one family and it led–unexpectedly–to another familiar surname.

Obviously, I needed to develop that family connection. It led–unexpectedly–to another familiar surname. The families are intricately entwined.

The reason I can’t “walk away”: Details are “fresh” in my mind as I work with a family. I’m not as efficient when I return the next day (or next week).

Recent experience: “Yours truly” is a descendant of Michael Frantz (1687-1748). A week ago, the focus was on Rosemary Frantz–a descendant of Baltzar Frantz (1695-1747). In the process of documenting her extended family, I encountered descendants of Christian Frantz (1685-1739). Three brothers, immigrants to Pennsylvania, with descendants living in Kansas. It wasn’t a coordinated exodus from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Indiana, and Ohio. It is evidence of families moving westward to obtain farmland.

“How rude” !!


We enjoyed a brief rain shower. However, it forced me off the computer–and Ancestry–so I thought of that cute little girl on Full House. “How rude” of the storm to interfere with my satellite reception of Internet genealogy!! I’m not complaining because it is so blissful to have cooler temperature and no humidity.

Another marathon; another challenge !!



Haven’t combed my hair; still in my pajamas; and it’s almost six PM. First thing this morning, I wanted to discover more information about adopted daughter, Dora Showalter. I “dug” and “dug” and  found accurate details.  Forgive me(?) while I voice my well-worn complaint: My research doesn’t match “the other guy(s)” who carelessly copied one another’s errors.