Too many families? I was working with one family and it led–unexpectedly–to another familiar surname.

Obviously, I needed to develop that family connection. It led–unexpectedly–to another familiar surname. The families are intricately entwined.

The reason I can’t “walk away”: Details are “fresh” in my mind as I work with a family. I’m not as efficient when I return the next day (or next week).

Recent experience: “Yours truly” is a descendant of Michael Frantz (1687-1748). A week ago, the focus was on Rosemary Frantz–a descendant of Baltzar Frantz (1695-1747). In the process of documenting her extended family, I encountered descendants of Christian Frantz (1685-1739). Three brothers, immigrants to Pennsylvania, with descendants living in Kansas. It wasn’t a coordinated exodus from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Indiana, and Ohio. It is evidence of families moving westward to obtain farmland.

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