Same stale story !!

Went to bed (as usual) at ten but was still awake at three. Fell asleep sometime after four and awake at eight.

It’s a ritual: I wear my Philip Stein sleep bracelet. I use a healthy brand homeopathic “relaxer.” Melatonin should help me sleep because the label says “supports sound sleep.”  The “Sound Spa” is advertised as a “sleep solution.”  ~~ Question: Is my morning coffee the enemy? I LOVE MY GOURMET COFFEE!!

One comment on “Same stale story !!

  1. Jimmie says:

    Morning coffee should be out of your system by bedtime! I think the problem is your overactive mind trying to solve all the ancestry problems, the landlord problems, your future in Livingston, etc. Quite your mind and think about getting a restful sleep. Don’t watch the news. Have some sleepy time tea. Try to meditate on not thinking about anything but a restful sleep. Good Luck!

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