Paper chain

The old lady sounds like a broken record?! She writes about “climbing the family tree”  or boring references to the heat and humidity. Good Lord, who wants to read about sleep deprivation? Returning to the topic of “genealogy,” this blogger is trying to compose a message about the paper chain. When I was young, and my sons were young, we would cut colored construction paper into strips and then paste them in a chain.  A decoration for a festive event.

The old lady, the blogger, the arborist has been creating “a paper chain” with thousands of people in her family tree. Yesterday (seriously), I was working with these surnames: Aukerman, Bauman, Bowman, Cover, Denlinger, Eikenberry, Flory, Frantz, Gish, Grover, etc., The families are interwoven in northern Indiana, central Ohio, and Stanislaus County, California. I’m so blessed with an abundance (overabundance?) of information. Seriously, a flood of information regarding each individual.

Is it inappropriate (of me) to want to write a paragraph about a “paper chain” (paper trail) prepared by a woman abundantly blessed with a unique ancestry? My forebears were God-fearing Old German Baptist Brethren, Mennonite, and Quaker. Every week I receive an obituary regarding a “cousin” who shared their research with me. My day will come (and I’ll be pushing up daisies) but there isn’t anyone to write my obituary. I’d like to attach a paragraph to my “profile” on Ancestry. I’d like to tell the reader how much my family meant to me and how determined I was to leave a thoroughly documented chain of individuals.

The “paper chain” topic could morph into another story for Mennonite Family History. My mind never rests!!

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