Clear sky for Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade…

…but torrential rain in Waco, Texas (8:30 AM).

I’ll watch the parade and hope the rain stops before the potluck Thanksgiving dinner here in the RV Park. I don’t know how I’d juggle the crock pot with green beans (seasoned with bacon and onion), a pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and chocolate brownie pie.

Postscript @ 12 noon: I confess to being “an old fogie.”  The parade was a big disappointment to me. I didn’t enjoy the music–or the dancing. ~~~~ When the rain stopped, briefly, I took the pies to the clubhouse. Later, I’ll take the crock pot with green beans (and the RediWhip). Dinner is scheduled for 2:00 PM and twenty-five residents have expressed their intention to be there. (Only approximately half of the residents.)

Trivia: “Macy”  is a family in my family tree. I’ve visited that store. I’ve also visited Nantucket (twice) where the President is spending the holiday. Macy, Folgers, Sears, and other familiar surnames all had a beginning on Nantucketand I’m related to all of them.

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