Unscheduled !!

Tender love and careDeparting CARE residents alerted me to two volunteer plants growing in the gravel under their motorhome. Of course, Lorraine is gambling to save their lives. Seriously, they may not survive the transplant!! But they will receive TLC. (“Unscheduled” because I hadn’t planned to work in the yard today. Too hot and humid!!)

Watermelon or cantalope

Moving day

They can vine in front of my KIA


Temperature and humidity

Smiley face sweating


Transplanted watermelon plantsPostscript, Tuesday, May 10, 2016: It looks like the plants survived the transplant.


Looking good on May 22ndPostscript, Sunday, May 22nd: Looking good!!

2 comments on “Unscheduled !!

  1. Mary says:

    Yeah!!! A survivor. We can’t wait to see what it turns out to be.

  2. Mary says:

    Wonderful – we can’t wait to see it grow.

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