S.A.S. P.T.L. !!

Survived Another Storm — Praise the Lord !!

Praise the Lord

Over two inches


Almost two inches

Rain on tarp roof


The reader needs to be tolerant of yours truly and her picture-taking. This morning, I thought “flash” pictures would add diversity. ~~ Click this link for beautiful pictures and uplifting messages.


Temperature at eighty-thirtyBack again (three hours later): Burr cold ladyYesterday we needed air-conditioning, this morning we need the furnace or a sweater!!


Bailed water from tarp roofCount your blessings!! You don’t have to see half-a-dozen pictures of flood water in my yard. It’s as deplorable as the scene(s) in earlier pictures!! Fortunately, no wind so fewer fallen tree limbs. (The old lady didn’t fall off the ladder and suffer “limb” damage.)

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