Pause in the storm ?!?!

From my front door

Standing in water

Long view from the field

From the field at end of street

From the street

South side is flooded

Water pocket on tarp

Water standing in ginger root planter

Six inches of rain water

Seven inches of rain water


Rain gaugeQuestion: Did I have three and one-half inches of rain or did I have seven inches of rain?? The wider surface collected more water so I choose to believe we had six to seven inches of rain between 3:00 and 7:00 AM.

~ ~ ~ ~

Additional rain since I took the pictures. Nine-thirty as I publish this–and more rain is predicted. To my knowledge, no damage in the CARE community.

pause_play_stop_blackMother Nature hit the “pause” button for a few hours. Next “play”–but Texas is ready for the “stop” button!!

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