Solo Senior Successfully Scouts Solution

Eureka!! I found it!!

Eureka moment

Breaker box


A/C in the ceiling

Hotter indoors

Temperature at eight-twelveAfter a hot, sleepless night, I began to check for a solution–within my limited ability. (I’m not going to climb up on the roof of the 5th-wheel trailer.) Changed the batteries on the remote AGAIN. Checked the breaker box and found the A/C needed to be clicked on AGAIN.  Just so the reader gets the full “picture” (lol), I laid on the floor for the picture of air-conditioner grill, etc., mounted in the ceiling. For the record, the indoor and outdoor temperatures. ~~ Eventually, my air-conditioner will need a professional analysis. Hopefully that can wait until A/C professionals aren’t booked with service calls?!?! ~~ Oscillating fanIt is 81 degrees inside my trailer home as I type this (9:40 AM) but air is moving and I’m reasonably comfortable. (Kudos to SSSSS?!) When all else fails, I have a reliable three-speed fan. 

Bird on fountainFurthermore: Plants have been watered and bird feeders filled. Especially important: Fresh water in the fountain for the birds. It is a delight to see them splashing in the top.

One comment on “Solo Senior Successfully Scouts Solution

  1. Deb says:

    So something is making the breaker kick off? Do you have an electric water heater? If you do, you could try turning it off an seeing if that made a difference. Check your connection at the power pole; where your cord from the RV is plugged into power, and make sure it hasn’t come loose, or even dirty or corroded.

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