Lorraine’s “in love” — NOT !!

NotPlease forgive my irrational behavior. I’m still grieving the loss of my beloved T@B teardrop trailer.  Yesterday, I searched the Internet for a rock-bottom-price small travel trailer. I saw the Scamp, advertised price was low, sent an email… but have not received a reply.

This morning, I composed a message for my website T@B Teardrop Trailer Travels advising readers of the recent sale.

This morning–before it got too hot–I watered plants, pulled weeds and filled bird feeders. Same old routine!!

Count my blessingsTemperature is headed for triple digits; I’m forced to confine my activities to my trailer home (with limited air-conditioning). ~~ Counting my blessings!! Some people have to work outdoors in this heat!! (Example: Our maintenance workers driving a riding lawn mower across “my” wonderful large “side yard.” My wonderful large side yard that allows birds and squirrels freedom to come and go. Other critters too: Rabbits and armadillo.)

(This is a follow-up to Lorraine’s “in love” published earlier.)

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