Attractive gift !!

Many years ago, I heard a story that sticks in my mind and frequently repeated in my conversations.

An individual died and went to Heaven. Jesus gave a lengthy tour before taking the individual to their mansion. Inside the remarkably beautiful structure there were mountains of beautifully wrapped packages. The new resident questioned the host: “What’s this?” Jesus answered: “These are the gifts the Father and I wanted to give you on earth but you never unwrapped them.”

It has been my desire to unwrap the gifts from my Heavenly Father and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For now, I’ll spare you the long list of awesome gifts and focus on my most recent.

Lorraine and MaryGratefully, we have new volunteers each month. CARE residents are blessed to make their acquaintance and exchange narratives of similar life experiences and RVing trips. Earlier this month, I walked into the Dining Room and heard an exclamation: “She’s wearing a long skirt.” The reference was to me and I quickly became engaged in conversation with a lady wearing a long skirt. The bond was instantaneous!! We had (have) so much in common!! “Marvin, take our picture” was the request of my new friend, Mary.

The next day–when I walked into the Dining Room–Mary’s opening comment: “Do you have relatives in Ohio?” I acknowledged that I have. “Do you have ‘Studebaker’ in your family?” I was astonished because she/they were so new they wouldn’t know I spent years doing genealogy, or that I had “cousins” in the Miami Valley of Ohio. “Yes, I have Studebaker as a collateral line.” I’ll spare the reader the entire conversation. We’ve both been to the Studebaker Homestead in Tipp City, Ohio, for Studebaker reunions (different years).

What prompted Mary to ask the question? (So we could dig deeper into unique similarities.) Sometimes we don’t know where thoughts originate. I choose to believe that Mary is a “gift” my Heavenly Father wanted me to unwrap while here on earth. ~~ It has been an enjoyable month; we’ll keep in touch.

One evening Mary and Marvin visited my garden and requested a picture to document the moments. Why? Earlier that day, I walked into the Dining Room wearing a long skirt, and blouse, casually chosen from my closet. Mary was wearing a similar outfit–with the same predominate aqua-blue colors. It’s uncanny; we have the same likes and dislikes. It’s like we are twins separated at birth. (But I am three years older.)

Lorraine and Mary in the garden

Lorraine and Mary close up

Speaking of gifts: My soul-sister arrived with a memento for my garden.

Sign gift from Mary

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