2016 rehash of 2015 air-conditioner problem

Air-conditioner arrivedGrin and bear it





Grin and bear it!! This morning I learned I’ll have to wait several more days for installation of new air-conditioner. Gratefully, my “sick” A/C is providing some comfort.


Confusion?! July 14, 2015

A year ago, I was apparently too polite to write about a repairman that “stood me up.” He promised… but never returned. No blog message addressing that topic. Lots of messages about the heat and the garden if you choose to read July 2015. As my A/C situation became more unbearable, I remembered an acquaintance from square dancing (a former RV-repairman) and he (David) arrived July 31st.

“Did you read the book?” July 16, 2015

Solo Senior Successfully Scouts Solution July 21, 2015

Wednesday’s Chronicle July 29, 2015

R-E-L-I-E-F- from the heat!! July 31, 2015

Rare and unusual August 1, 2015


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