Counting the days !!

Number three blue with butterflies

Number sixty-seven


days since A/C repair–

and intended  installation of new air-conditioner.


Step stool (1)

Getting ready for repairs

Step stool to reach upper unit

Temperature at nine

Handyman David arrives

Temperature at ten

Lower unit is coming down

Checking the amps

Applying strap

Ready to hoist

Oh no, wrong lower unit

Handyman David departed

Temperature at eleven-forty

Temperature at twelve noon


Temperature at three-ten

Screen capture of temperature on Internet

This blog message was prepared in the comfort of the air-conditioned CARE Center. The correct air-conditioner lower unit is being shipped “overnight.” David will return tomorrow and (hopefully) complete the project. ~~ Look at “feels like” / “real feel” temperature of 108 degrees at 3:40 PM, and 4:30.

TV weather at four-eighteen

Screen capture at four-thirty


Temperature at five-forty

Melt down

One comment on “Counting the days !!

  1. Deb says:

    Ugh…but, progress…

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