Rare, unusual…

Smiley face with coffee cupFor the first time in a month (or more), it was possible to turn off the air-conditioner over night, leave the door open, only the screen door between me and the outdoors. As TV meteorologist said “relatively dry” (low humidity). Door still open–at eight-thirty–as I bask in enjoyable seventy-nine degrees indoors (with my cup of coffee). I coulda, shoulda, woulda pulled weeds, or weed-whacked, but didn’t.

Heart attackReceived my electric bill yesterday; almost had a heart attack!! So, I’m also basking in the knowledge that I’m saving a few pennies this morning while the air-conditioner is taking a brief vacation. Furthermore (speaking of “basking”), I’m so extremely grateful the air-conditioner could be repaired and not a costly replacement!

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