Confusion ?!

Indoors at six-thirty

Outdoor temperature at six-forty

No relief at eleven-thirty

Ronnie on the roof

Outdoor temp at twelve-fifty

Indoor temp at twelve-fifty

Indoor temp at one

Remote control

Eighty-eight degrees indoors

The temptation was strong to name this blog Houston, we have a problem.” Frankly, I don’t want to “confuse” folks that may Google that phrase!! I don’t have an answer to my air-conditioner problem. First thing this morning the inside temperature was seventy-seven degrees. Two oscillating fans and a Casablanca (ceiling) fan had been running all night. (I slept on a sofa in the multi-purpose room of the CARE Center.)  ~~ A repairman arrived at 11:35 and surveyed the situation. He didn’t see an obvious problem “top side.” He asked if I had changed the batteries recently on the remote. I said “no,” and quickly changed the batteries. Standing in my living room, he punched the buttons and said “There are dozens of remotes; each one is different.” (Elementary my dear Watson.) Reaching up to the vents in the ceiling, he said the A/C was pushing out cold air. I paid him… and rushed off (late) for lunch. I’m typing these words at three o’clock and both thermometers–indoors–confirm that it is eighty-eight degrees. It seems to me, the trailer should have cooled off more in three hours. On the other hand, the outside heat and humidity may make it difficult to drop the temperature?!?! ~~ From the Internet, the following information for Livingston, Texas.

Mostly sunny
RealFeel® 108° [bold emphasis by Lorraine]

Wind: NESW
Humidity: 50%
Pressure: 29.92 in ↓
UV Index: 6
Cloud Cover: 17%
Ceiling: 40500 ft
Dew Point: 74° F
Visibility: 10 mi

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Temperature at four

Temperature in Livingston

Livingston humidityPostscript: According to Houston TV meteorologist “Hottest day of the year!!”

Temperature at five

Temperature at six

TV news temperature

Temperature at seven

Temperature at eight

Temperature at nine

Remote for A/CAt the end of the day, this closing comment: If I only have a “thermostat” problem, I’m extremely fortunate. All these hours, thermostat (on remote) set at 63 but temperature never got below 76. I can live comfortably with today’s indoor temperatures!! 

(Bed time–in my own bed.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Temperature at four AMPostscript, Wednesday, July 15, 2015, 4:00 AM: The first time the A/C was on all night. Too many nights (perhaps) when I was hot (and miserable) due to overnight heat in a confined space. I’m so grateful for minimum expense versus expensive replacement of the unit. Hallelujah!!Temperature at eight

Eight o’clock (just got up after a good night’s sleep) and all three… have identical number 79.

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