Under the magnifying glass: Fig tree

This “gift” fig tree  has been neglected for over a month. In my mind’s eye, the project would take too much time and I just didn’t have the time–and energy!! Well, frankly, I still didn’t have the time and energy **BUT** knew the little tree needed to be transplanted. With a somewhat cooler evening (after a brief rain), I drilled holes in the bottom of a large container. Then I cut up and cubed a Styrofoam container. First thing this morning, I drove to the farm store and purchased planter soil (and fifty pound bag of bird seed). Note: The farm store provides the large containers “free” so I buy from them.

Fig tree arrived

Magnifying glass with white stick figure and magnifying glass with blue handle (2)


Holes drilled and Styrofoam cubed

Temperature at seven PM

Ready for planter soil

Ready to transplant fig tree


Temporary location

Temperature at ten

Future location

Temperature at one

Umbrella and white stick figureJust before noon, the heavens opened up and we enjoyed a cloud-burst!! After lunch I planned to take a picture of the water in the rain gauge. Oops, dropped and spilled. But more than one inch in about one hours time.Hallelujah

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