Life’s “little” pleasures !!

Who are you?

Frog in the bird house


Eighty inches from patio

The bigger picture


HummingbirdI was planning to sit in my rocking lawn chair, with a glass of iced tea, and enjoy the crisp clean, cool air. I heard a strange sound and looked around. Finally spotted something in the bird house. “Who are you?” I dashed indoors for my camera and started snapping pictures. “OMG, a frog in a bird house.” Next, I got the tape measure from my tool box and (remarkable) eighty inches from the cement patio. Compensates for tripping…, falling…, overturning three planters…!! I get so much joy from my garden!! (I’m OK, just a few scrapes and bruises.)

FYI: That bird house was my first purchase in North Carolina. It made sense to me to buy something from recycled plastic containers. It would last forever!! I became hopelessly “in love” with Bluebirds and did a lot of research. I learned a bird house should be made of wood so it can “breathe”; plastic is a coffin for the babies. I’ve always had a large plastic container stuffed inside… to discourage a bird from building a nest. That bird house is simply an ornament on top of the planter. “Froggy” was seated on top of the container “talking” to me.

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