Whatcha doin ??

Whatcha doinFrankly, miserably HOT and humid  but I “monkeyed around” with a project I couldn’t neglect. A friend entrusted the Turmeric rhizomes to me a few days ago and I promised to give them a good home. It might not be the ideal time to plant but worth the time and effort (imho).


Turmeric roots

Turmeric under my magnifying glass

Preparing to drill holes

Holes in bottom of planter

Peanuts in bottom of planter

Planter soil

Turmeric added

Turmeric next to Ginger


Temperature at twelve noonDon’t want to grow your own? Don’t want to grow your own and wait a year to harvest? Check this web link and (perhaps) learn how to enjoy the benefits of turmeric.

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