A day for the record book ?!

Temperature at five PMStrange day!! Hours spent on the computer doing more research about the best air-conditioner at the best price. The retailer with the best price, located here in Texas, advised me they couldn’t ship for three or four weeks!! So (if I wanted “the best”) it meant phoning retailers to ask if they had it in stock. I’m writing this at six PM and I’ve been advised (by email) my purchase has shipped (from Florida). Wow!! Meanwhile, miraculously, my A/C is still running. Believe it or not, right now the A/C is off because the air has cooled due to brief rain. (Not a rain “storm”–just brief rain.) So wonderfully cool. So many days, it feels like walking into an inferno when we step outside an air-conditioned building.

Speaking of “an inferno,” my prayers go out to residents in the Santa Clarita, California, area. That community is a short freeway drive from my former home in Lancaster.

Strange day but a gigantic sense of relief because I was able to cancel the TracFone order for a new phone. “What was I thinking??” (when I ordered). A moment of insanity!! Memories of my earlier TracFone nightmare haunted me.

KudosKudos to friends and acquaintances concerned about this old lady.


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