Thoroughly Modern Filly ?!

Decisions, decisions!!

LG flip phoneThere were two days remaining on my TracFone BUT almost 1500 minutes. I seldom use that phone because the CARE Facility Director wants all the CARE residents to have–and use–the Great Call Jitterbug phone with 5-Star. I make–and receive–so few phone calls. Repeat: Decisions, decisions. After hours (and days) of agonizing about what I should do. ZTE Zepher smart phoneI purchased the one-year plan (again) and four hundred minutes. How will I ever use all those minutes?? The only solution: Purchase a Smart Phone. I’m a traitor to my previous stance; I’ve said (for years) that I don’t “need” and don’t want a Smart Phone. However, in the interest of “saving” fifteen hundred minutes, I shelled out “X” amount of dollars.

In the CARE Center, many of my “senior” friends and neighbors sit around–with their “smart” cell phones–checking the weather, etc., etc., visiting web sites, etc., etc., and/or playing games on their phone. (I have more important things to do–at home–in my “yarden.”) Those same senior friends and neighbors take pictures that frequently show up on the Escapees CARE Facebook page. Question mark small blackI’ve relied on my wonderful Canon camera. Is it time for me to take some photos with my phone?? Is it time for this old filly to use twenty-first-century electronics??

~ ~ ~

Postscript/afterthought: TracFone is not a favorite topic. Several years ago, I had a very negative experience that I advertised widely in the media. Today I had an argument with myself about “discard” or renew. It took a lot of research; I visited many web links. I needed assurance the phone I ordered would work at my location. Last time, TracFone insisted on sending a phone that only works with the AT&T network (matched to my zip code). At CARE (and vicinity), we can’t access AT&T but a Verizon tower is at the edge of the property. Here is one site (of many) I consulted because network codes are difficult to determine (by design?)

~ ~ ~

Exclamation mark red in a circlePulling hair out9:30 PM: Buyers remorse!!

Screaming and pulling my hair.

~ ~ ~

Postscript, Monday, July 25th:Cancelled

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