God is good !!

God is good to me!!

Fan blowing on panelYesterday, I asked a dumb old lady question: “If I position a fan so it blows on the panel, will it keep the breakers cool so it won’t pop off?” I was told: No, that wouldn’t help because the air-conditioner is pulling over twenty amps (which exceeds the twenty amp breaker). Well, “dumb old lady” thought the fan was worth a try. The air-conditioner ran all night (so I slept comfortable), and has been fine all morning. It’s 11:30 and the breaker hasn’t “tripped” since yesterday. Hallelujah!! Stick figure with PLAN blocks(The A/C is “sick” so I still plan to order a new unit.) ~~ You ask: “What does God have to do with it?” Answer: “My Heavenly Father is taking care of His child.” His angels are keeping the A/C running.

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