Checking previous tenth day of May, etc.

Your’s truly. May 10, 2017 ~~ Extremely involved with genealogy scanning project.

Trite but true?? May 10, 2016

Nineteen months and counting. May 10, 2015 ~~ Sadly, eviction in the forty-eighth month.

Mold in T@B part one.  2014 ~~ Mold in T@B part two. ~~ Mold in T@B part three. ~~ Mold in T@B part four. ~~ Mold in T@B part five. ~~ Mold in T@B part six. ~~ As Paul Harvey would say: “The rest of the story.”  That’s why I included two, three, four, five, six,  and There goes a piece of my heart.

Trading pain and My “other” yard. May 11, 2013

How does your garden grow? May 12, 2012

All of May 2010 is interesting reading (imho).

Stretching way back to 2009, I find two messages and second one bears date of May 11th. Asthma and allergy and Indoor Ozone Poisoning with EcoQuest Ozone Generators.

Yours truly thought the reader would appreciate something other than pictures of indoor/outdoor thermometer, etc., etc.

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