How does your garden grow ??

Mary, Mary, quite contrary; how does your garden grow?  ~~  Quite well, thank you!!  ~~  I spent almost the entire day in my backyard garden.  Besides replanting…, and relocating…, I made fresh nectar for the Hummingbird feeders, and rehydrated mealworms for the Bluebirds feeder.  I replenished the bird feeders with sunflower seeds, watered plants, swept the patio, etc., etc.  I ate my salad lunch on the patio watching my squirrel and bird friends feast on the bird seed scattered in the grass.  ~~  Last night, at 5:15, I had a visit from a Hummingbird that spent a long time drinking nectar.  I am so thrilled!!  This was the first time I observed a Hummingbird linger at one of my feeders.  I’ve spent a lot of time (and money) hoping to attract Hummingbirds. (No additional expenses with today’s project. I have an over-abundance of planters, etc., etc.)

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