Trivia !!

Rearranged plantersPlants went to Thrift ‘n Gift in the morning, and those that didn’t sell were retrieved mid-afternoon. Yesterday a resident in the adjacent Rainbow’s End RV Park brought me a dozen dirty old (nice) planters. Today I soaked them in bleach and soapy water, and scrubbed them clean. Then I soaked and cleaned bird feeders. ~~ For several weeks, the planters in front of my trailer home have been in disarray. Essentially, they were simply “parked” out-of-the-way. Last year, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini were growing in those large simulated-whiskey-barrel planters (in another location). This year, I have the Garden Tower and other movable planters. You can see the Calibrachoa but most of the planters are empty and waiting for flowers. “What will I plant?” Frankly, I don’t know!! I’m more interested in growing veggies. ~~ I’m grateful for used planters–for the orphan plants I invariably need to transplant. (I’m selfishly keeping the attractive, expensive [my money], simulated whiskey-barrel planters.)

Resting from my projects, this evening I saw two Hummingbirds on the feeder near my patio.  Oh joy!! Sadly, my camera wasn’t available for a picture.

Number one red with smilenumber twoNumber four cartoonBelieve it or not: One-hundred-twenty-four planters on my RV site!! Very few are empty!! Correction: “Visible” planters. There are dozens more under the tarp shelter. Remember, I spent over $50.00 at Dollar Tree for planters for “Money Moss” and Hen ‘n Chicks.

“Last final punch…”

…per Houston TV meteorologist at twelve noon.

Broad view of Lake Lorraine

The yard

One and one-half inches of rainExtremely hard rain for a couple of hours. So many of my plants now have water standing at the top of the planters. They need my attention–when I can exit my trailer home. Well, I did exit briefly to take pictures.


Hanging basket over Lake Lorraine

Callisia fragrans flash pictureJust for the fun of it comment: Yesterday I transplanted the Callisia Fragrans into the hanging basket. Last night (just for the fun of it), I took the flash picture.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First tomato bloomBack again, five PM: Sunshine by mid-afternoon. I hosed debris off the patio and sidewalk; moved all the veggie planters to their sunny cement pad. Water was bailed from the top of the tarp shelter; Dracaena Marginata was transplanted. Busy, busy!!


Time to bail water

Pocket of water on tarp

Dracaema Marginata

Still soggy wet

Life is…

Life is ten percent (poster)


Lorraine fell off a ladder yesterday!! Nothing broken; just aches and pains!! I’m fine this morning (“ninety percent how you respond to it”).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Moved the car

Tree trimming time

David trimming limbs

A truck load of limbs

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Before ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ After

Tree trimming time

Open space compared to previous day

Asparagus fern, etc., etc.

Asparagus fern before time and attention

Bleaching the clay planter

Clean clay planter

Ready to transplant Asparagus Fern

Cutting planter open

Just transplanted Asparagus Fern

Formal photo of Asparagus Fern


It’s a “thorny” job but somebody’s gotta do it!! As I write this message, I have bleeding cuts on my right hand and arm. All this (mixing planter soil with coconut fiber, cutting the plastic planter, transplanting, etc.) and I’m just the “foster parent.” I have no desire to keep this plant in my yard; it’s ready for adoption!! ~~ I’d appreciate “feed back”: Why would someone want an Asparagus Fern in their yard??

Believe it or not, that large, very heavy clay planter had a faded retail store price tag saying $7.99. I’m speculating the planter is an “antique” 😉 because I can’t buy plastic pots that size for $7.99.

Ixora plant ??

Ixora plant (maybe)The Ixora plant is another orphan recently finding shelter in my yard. Or is it an Ixora? The plant is very small and I’m not sure the leaves match the images on-line. It might be a tree seedling that dropped into the planter?? The description (on-line) is interesting and the plant is small so I will nurture it to see what happens.

High & dry ?!

Four inches

Water under feederThe floor of my trailer home is “high”–and I’m “dry.” No leaks in the roof observed yet. I ran through rain to check the gauge. Picture of bird feeder from my doorstep. Frankly, I didn’t want to search a rain coat and venture out for pictures. Our rain is modest compared to the volume, and flooding, in the Houston area. (I’m following the details on TV.)

“Entire area of southeast Texas under flash flood warning” per weatherman at 9:14 AM.


Pocket of water on tarp

Water on tarp

Water water everywherePostscript: Almost one inch of rain in two hours (since 8:30). I got soaked checking the yard, and taking pictures.

Brief reprieve ?!

It has stopped raining, temporarily, but more rain expected. The pictures are deceiving because you can’t see all the standing water. ~~ Counting my blessings!! “Historic flooding” in the Houston area. I’ve been following the TV coverage all day.

Almost one inch

Yard left to right

Yard center

Yard right to left

Near picnic table

Ankle deep water

Rain barrels are full

Planter full of water

Planter with ginger root

Saturated Calibrachoa


I love my garden; I love my tarp shelter!! But it requires a lot of attention!! Before the next storm, I moved the ladder into position, climbed the ladder and bailed the water from top of the tarp shelter.


Postscript, 6:00 PM: The statement hasn’t been documented on Google yet but Houston NBC-TV is saying “Second largest flood in U.S. recorded history.” That’s a very strong statement and I’ll try to locate verification. I suspect they mean Houston history. The local television coverage is endless; NBC evening news with Lester Holt was preempted.

Surprise bloom !!

BloomA few days ago, I published the blog message titled Artist at work. To my surprise, there is a bloom on the plant this morning. I’m curious…, time to check with Dave’s Garden!!


Magazine rack planter (1)

Twenty-four inches tall (1)


Twenty-four inches tall (2)Postscript, 7:00 PM: What a joy to receive answers to my plant questions!! (See the comment.) Callisia Fragrans: Lots of information on the Internet. My next question: Should I prepare hanging baskets, or planters?? There are shoots ready to move to a new location.


Callisia fragrans flash picturePostscript, April 20, 2016: During the afternoon, I transplanted the entire plant into a hanging basket. Maybe I’ll plant shoots at a later date. I thought a flash picture would be unique!!


New bloom on plantPostscript, April 28, 2016: A delicate bloom extending seven inches long. I’m speculating I have the plant hanging in an ideal location.

Paranoia prattle !!

It’s four o’clock and I believe I am hearing thunder in the distance. Maybe not?! Perhaps just paranoia prompted me to rush out an hour ago and move my plants under the protection of the awning?! The Houston TV meteorologist’ predict hard rain for Sunday and Monday. ~~ Here I am with information and pictures that are of little interest to you?!

Lorraine's "busy" yard

Garden Tower under cover


Tomato plants

Strawberry plants


Weather forecastSprinkles at six-thirty PM.

Artist* at work ?!

Yesterday, I “frittered” the hours away inserting woven plastic(?) fabric in the bottom of a wrought metal former magazine rack. Why?? For the fun of it!! Goodness knows, I don’t need another planter. I’m confident the fabric will support soil–with drainage around edges secured with wire. The plant may, or may not, get transplanted. It’s another “orphan” plant I know nothing about. (4/18/16 update: See Surprise Bloom.)

Magazine rack planter (1)

Magazine rack planter (2)

Twenty-four inches tall (1)

Twenty-four inches tall (2)


Planter is framework of chair

In October, I inserted an attractive planter–and Mosquito plant–inside the framework of a former lawn chair. Yesterday, a planter fashioned from an old magazine rack and the fabric from the lawn chair.

It joins some other unique creations. (All-by-myself projects.)



Tomato planters


Bluebird house in planter

Planter with hanging baskets

Blocks with planter in background

Creating planters in chairs

Two chairs with planters

With strawberry plants

Tarp shelter for perennial plants

Planter in shopping cart

Tomato in shopping cart planter

Lorraine's veggie garden

Shade for Garden Tower


*What is art?? Some see it one way, some another. Have you seen Petersen Rock Garden in Oregon? Or Watts Towers in Los Angeles? Maybe you saw pictures of the yellow umbrellas on the hills north of Los Angeles??  ~~ Often, I’m taking “trash” and creating something I treasure.