Asparagus fern, etc., etc.

Asparagus fern before time and attention

Bleaching the clay planter

Clean clay planter

Ready to transplant Asparagus Fern

Cutting planter open

Just transplanted Asparagus Fern

Formal photo of Asparagus Fern


It’s a “thorny” job but somebody’s gotta do it!! As I write this message, I have bleeding cuts on my right hand and arm. All this (mixing planter soil with coconut fiber, cutting the plastic planter, transplanting, etc.) and I’m just the “foster parent.” I have no desire to keep this plant in my yard; it’s ready for adoption!! ~~ I’d appreciate “feed back”: Why would someone want an Asparagus Fern in their yard??

Believe it or not, that large, very heavy clay planter had a faded retail store price tag saying $7.99. I’m speculating the planter is an “antique” 😉 because I can’t buy plastic pots that size for $7.99.

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