“Last final punch…”

…per Houston TV meteorologist at twelve noon.

Broad view of Lake Lorraine

The yard

One and one-half inches of rainExtremely hard rain for a couple of hours. So many of my plants now have water standing at the top of the planters. They need my attention–when I can exit my trailer home. Well, I did exit briefly to take pictures.


Hanging basket over Lake Lorraine

Callisia fragrans flash pictureJust for the fun of it comment: Yesterday I transplanted the Callisia Fragrans into the hanging basket. Last night (just for the fun of it), I took the flash picture.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First tomato bloomBack again, five PM: Sunshine by mid-afternoon. I hosed debris off the patio and sidewalk; moved all the veggie planters to their sunny cement pad. Water was bailed from the top of the tarp shelter; Dracaena Marginata was transplanted. Busy, busy!!


Time to bail water

Pocket of water on tarp

Dracaema Marginata

Still soggy wet

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