Trivia !!

Rearranged plantersPlants went to Thrift ‘n Gift in the morning, and those that didn’t sell were retrieved mid-afternoon. Yesterday a resident in the adjacent Rainbow’s End RV Park brought me a dozen dirty old (nice) planters. Today I soaked them in bleach and soapy water, and scrubbed them clean. Then I soaked and cleaned bird feeders. ~~ For several weeks, the planters in front of my trailer home have been in disarray. Essentially, they were simply “parked” out-of-the-way. Last year, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini were growing in those large simulated-whiskey-barrel planters (in another location). This year, I have the Garden Tower and other movable planters. You can see the Calibrachoa but most of the planters are empty and waiting for flowers. “What will I plant?” Frankly, I don’t know!! I’m more interested in growing veggies. ~~ I’m grateful for used planters–for the orphan plants I invariably need to transplant. (I’m selfishly keeping the attractive, expensive [my money], simulated whiskey-barrel planters.)

Resting from my projects, this evening I saw two Hummingbirds on the feeder near my patio.  Oh joy!! Sadly, my camera wasn’t available for a picture.

Number one red with smilenumber twoNumber four cartoonBelieve it or not: One-hundred-twenty-four planters on my RV site!! Very few are empty!! Correction: “Visible” planters. There are dozens more under the tarp shelter. Remember, I spent over $50.00 at Dollar Tree for planters for “Money Moss” and Hen ‘n Chicks.

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