Shopping for planters !!

Nursemaid here. The cactus soil will soon be here. I need planters for Hen and Chicks, Kalanchoe, BegoniasMoney Moss, and Christmas Cactus. I made a special trip into Livingston to shop for inexpensive containers. First, a Thrift Shop where I found a dozen suitable items (for $7.00). Second, to Dollar Tree when I discovered a bonanza: Attractive medium-size plastic planters, and small “clay” pots ($50.00). I purchased more than I initially need but wanted to buy (from Dollar Tree) while they are available. There are seventy-nine “planters” in the white storage basket–and many “thrift” saucers (earlier shopping trip; underneath planters) stored in a cardboard box in the back of my KIA.

Potential planters from Dollar Tree and thrift shop

Potentially 79 planters

Hole in large black planter

Five large planters

Sunbathing Kalanchoe

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