A not too hot, not too cold day. I spent the morning trimming plants and starting some new plants (from trimmings). Plants were moved from “the basement” to the picnic table for sunbathing. A total of forty-seven plants were nurtured. ~~ Part of the afternoon was spent cleaning up the clutter of pipe and lumber alongside of the trailer. (I was weary of the unsightly appearance.) ~~ A wire cage was removed from storage for a brick of mealworms and seeds. (Recent mark down purchase.) Something new for my Bluebirds.** Will they accept it?

I thought my day was over when I entered the trailer and started this blog. The five o’clock Houston TV news meteorologist detailed the weather for the next few days so I rushed outdoors to move all the plants under cover. Tonight we’ll have rain–and my plants are too delicate for a soaking rain. Tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday, all the plants need to be under cover and/or covered with sheets. Friday night/Saturday morning we may have the coldest night of Fall 2015/Winter 2016–28 degrees or colder.

Sunbathing (1)

Sunbathing (2)

Moving pipe and lumber

Most pipe and lumber are gone

New feeder for the Bluebirds

Unknown name fern


A planter with a fern monopolized some time during the morning. I don’t know the name; it isn’t my plant. Because I am “P.P.” (plant person) friends and acquaintances ask me to shelter their big plants. I trimmed away a lot of dead stuff and placed it in my big container for a thorough watering. It is so root-bound; it needs to be transplanted into something much larger. Likewise, a neglected Angel Wing Begonia was trimmed and cuttings were planted. True story: Not a single plant I consider “mine.” Most are destined (a few at a time) for CARE Thrift ‘n Gift Shop. Fern and Begonia will return to owner when no threat of freeze.

**Postscript, Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016: Lots of birds on the feeder–but no Bluebirds.

No Bluebirds

Lots of birds on feeder

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