TracFone service at long last !!

After entering seven “code” numbers, my TracFone was finally activated!! It was 11:18 AM–exactly six weeks after I first attempted to activate a new phone (with old number).


STEPS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


You are about to program your TRACFONE.

After following the steps below, and your TRACFONE display indicates “CODE ACCEPTED”you MUST click the “Code Accepted” button on the computer screen below for your phone to be properly programmed.

      If your phone turned OFF and back ON, start from Step 1. Otherwise, please start from Step 3:

      1. Press the OK key.
      2. Using your navigation keys, go to “Code Entry Mode” then press the OK key.
      3. Your screen should now display “Code.” Please enter the following numbers:

8931  7599  1742  9137

2892  9851  5166  0711  1201  6736  7288

1795  5228  0707  1032

3341  8785  5025  873

6860  1152  6972  8887  2852  8506  8540

7752  0137  7263  1202  3296  504

     3179  6836  3049  4942  0692  9409  2742

      1. Press the OK key.
      2. Your TracFone screen should display “Code Accepted.” If yes, click the ‘Code Accepted’ button below to continue. If your TracFone display reads“Invalid Code,” click the ‘Invalid Code’ button below and press the OK key on your TracFone to continue.
      3. Now press the red PWR/END key to exit and return to the Main Screen. If the phone powered OFF, wait until the phone turns back ON.
Code Accepted Invalid Code





Smiley face thank you


If this is your first visit to my blog messages regarding TracFone, please be sure to read TracFone NightmareTracFone Nightmare–Part TwoTracFone Nightmare–Part Three, TracFone Sleuth, and TracFone response (finally)!!

Comment: I received an LG 236C cell phone. They are selling for $19.99–or less. Rhetorical question: In the interest of “good will” for a longtime customer, why didn’t they send that phone five weeks ago??


Postscript, several days later: In my humble opinion, the height of ignorance; I missed the call and it went to voice mail. Heather phoned to ask if I received the phone. The fact that I did not have service apparently did not register with alledged “customer service.” Remember, no reception with the old phone. If I had not received–and activated–the new phone, I wouldn’t know she called. Obviously it never occurred to her to call my land-line contact number or send an email message.

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