TracFone sleuth !!

Smiley face detective with blue hatIt has become a challenge to HOPEFULLY receive TracFone service for my investment (1800 minutes and service until 5/30/15). I have been doing numerous searches of the Internet and learned beneficial information. Most recent: How to unlock your TracFone. Also: How to Get TracFone to Work on any Network.

The more articles  I read the angrier I get!! If you read all the messages from the customer support department–on my earlier blogs– TracFone Nightmare, TracFone Nightmare–Part Two and TracFone Nightmare–Part Three –you’ll understand (as I now do) that they are playing games with us.

How to Get Tracfone to Work on Any Network

By Sam Surgalski
How to Get Tracfone to Work on Any Network

Tracfones are great prepaid cell phones that anyone can use, whenever they want. There are no contracts, monthly bills or hidden fees. You can buy minutes when you want to use the cell phone. Tracfone is a very popular prepaid company, and many people are now trying to get their cell phone to work on any network. Unfortunately, this is quite a complicated process, as Tracfone specifically made their phones to stop this process of unlocking from happening. While it is possible, it is very difficult, and it is not recommended if you are afraid of breaking your cell phone. If you are courageous enough, go ahead and try to unlock your phone. If it works, you will get unlimited use on all of the wireless networks.


  From an article titled Which TracFones are CDMA?

Warning: New CDMA Tracfone devices are not sold in areas that have GSM service. If your location has GSM service, you will need to purchase a CDMA Tracfone when you are in an area without GSM service. Another option is to purchase the phone at the Tracfone Web site. When asked to enter your ZIP code before you begin the search for phones, insert the ZIP code of a location without GSM service. If you enter your own ZIP code, the phones offered will not include any CDMA Tracfone devices.


Be assured, I will add interesting information as I find it. (How do you like my detective clip art?)




FYI: Someone at TracFone Headquarters read my blog. The following was copied from StatCounter that records visitors to my blogs and website.

Tracfone Wireless ( [Label IP Address]    0 returning visits
United States FlagMiami, Florida, United States
(No referring link)
9 Dec 09:43:06 PM
(No referring link)
9 Dec 09:43:28 PM
(No referring link)
9 Dec 09:43:39 PM
(No referring link)
9 Dec 09:43:51 PM

Comment, Thursday, December 12, 2013, 11:00: Someone read the blog messages but nothing has changed!!

Postscript, Friday, December 20, 2013: Please check TracFone Response (finally) !!

2 comments on “TracFone sleuth !!

  1. Deb says:

    But unlocking your phone to work on another network ONLY allows the use of the $20 phone, not the time. The time still belongs to Tracfone, so to speak…or rather, can still only be utilized with Tracfone’s service.

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