Jitterbug Jubilant !!

K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Senior

Smiley face with phoneJitterbug info on box

After my TracFone Nightmare, a Jitterbug phone was–by necessity–my next purchase. It works on Verizon networks. Folks using Verizon phones–here at CARE and the RV Park–are very happy.

It was absolutely, positively necessary for me to have a cell phone for my volunteer responsibilities!! Our Facility Director (Administrator) wants all the residents to have a Jitterbug phone withFive-Star service.

Gospel truth: Activation of my Jitterbug phone (on-line) was very simple and took less  than one hour. After activation, I did not read the manual; I relied on previous experience to set-up. I could not figure out how to get the phone off vibrate so it would ring. I called Customer Service and immediately had a bona-fide, warm-blooded, English-speaking representative. She knew (knows) her product and quickly provided the answer. (“When all else fails, read the manual.”) ~~ I affirmed her repeatedly for prompt and thorough service. I shared with her my “TracFone nightmare.”

The Jitterbug is very “senior friendly.” It is extremely easy to use (IMHO)!! I recommend it (not that I carry any clout). I speculate Jitterbug lives up to their message “We’re people you can count on.”


Savings dollarsComment: For obvious reasons, I did not publish this message until my TracFone was finally activated. If representatives at (and for) TracFone knew I had a working cell phone they might have prolonged my agony?! ~~ I did not want to sacrifice 1800 minutes (thirty hours) and service until May 30, 2015.

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