Treasure Trove ?!

I’d rather “search” than sweep, or rake leaves. They (leaves) are piling up on patio, and yard. It’s an absolutely gorgeous day, outside, but I am inside sitting at my computer. There’s a family that grabs my attention and I can’t walk away.  No breakfast, and it’s past lunch time, and I can’t walk away. I’m finding so many “possibilities” but not enough to “set in cement.” Seriously, there is never a “stopping point” with

It’s downright scary…

…and I’m not referring to Halloween!!

Recently, I launched a search for the grandfather of a “cousin.” She provided very little information BUT  I was able to build a “tree limb” with thirty-two family members. Six individuals not attached to her family, but quite possibly extended family. “It’s downright scary”  because–in the wrong hands–so much information about individuals: Birth dates, residence locations, etc., etc. Quite possibly, I could drive to Florida and walk up to the residence of my “cousin.” (I don’t “travel” anymore so I won’t test that theory.)

Voracious appetite !!

I’m starved!! Climbing “the family tree”  made me hungry!! If it didn’t require a fourteen mile round trip, I’d go to a “fast food” establishment in Livingston. However, I’m too sensible for that and will eat an apple–purchased yesterday.

Oh, what a beautiful day !!

First nice day in approximately two weeks; blue sky, cool and comfortable temperature. Wearing a sweater, the old lady ventured into Livingston to buy groceries–AND VOTE. (You didn’t think she’d go to the CARE Center to vote, in November?) Enjoyed lunch in town but that was extent of the trip (vote, lunch, groceries). Lest I forget, tree limbs were taken to “green dump” area prior to trip into town (to empty trunk of KIA).

CCC = Concocting cousin connections

Maybe “concocting” isn’t the right word because every detail is “correct.” I wanted to use “crazy” CCC “clipart” (lol). Recently, due to DNA testing, “cousins” have “contacted” me. Yesterday, the following looked very “confusing” but “considerably clearer” while enjoying my morning “cup of coffee.” (Humor me: Poor night’s sleep, and “creating” blog message gets me up and going. See the strong emphasis on “C”?) ~~~~ To protect “cousin’s” identity, some information “cropped.” ~~~ Ninth cousin.

It seems we may be related via the Bell line. See what you think: BLOODLINE: Lorraine Evon Frantz (m. Edwards) (1935 – ) 9th cousin Pearl Olma Showalter (1906 – 1994) Mother of Lorraine Evon Frantz (m. Edwards) John Arthur Showalter (1881 – 1980) Father of Pearl Olma Showalter George Thomas Showalter (1848 – 1921) Father of John Arthur Showalter Nancy Elizabeth Bell (1827 – 1860) Mother of George Thomas Showalter John Bell (1789 – 1839) Father of Nancy Elizabeth Bell grandson of John Bell (1760 – ) Father of John Bell son of John Bell (1730 – ) Father of grandson of John Bell John Bell Jr (1700 – ) parent of son of John Bell John Andrew Bell (1668 – 1713) Father of John Bell Jr Richard Bell (1631 – 1734) Father of John Andrew Bell Elizabeth Rebecca Bell (1655 – 1710) Daughter of Richard Bell Jean Martyn (1675 – 1756) Son of Elizabeth Rebecca Bell Hanna White Martyn (1703 – ) Daughter of Jean Martyn Mary Martin (1740 – ) Daughter of Hanna White Martyn Henry Cousins (1783 – 1867) Son of Mary Martin Mary Jane Cousins (1828 – ) Daughter of Henry Cousins Mary Kesish Beatty (1856 – 1934) Daughter of Mary Jane Cousins James Edwin Smith (1879 – 1940) Son of ….

Another cousin is “closer”: Second cousin, two times removed. That’s the one that prompted the search (two days ago). My earlier search was futile, and “connection” came from an unexpected branch of the tree.

“Moorhead” mania ?!

The quandary of a “cousin” has become my obsession; I keep searching in hopes I can find the family of her father. Uncertain of accurate attachment, I started a new “tree branch” anticipating I could (later) merge with individuals in my major database. In Real Estate they say “location, location, location.” The “location” is Indiana and I had a “gut feeling” the families would fit. Thus far, unsuccessful!

Eight PM, and I’ve been working with the Moorhead surname (and collateral lines) all day. Never give up, never give up, never give up!! One woman had three marriages and it was like “looking for a needle in a haystack”  to find documentation of the marriages. Her name was listed in Directories with married name but difficult to find the marriage. I’m persistent but confess to hours on a family that isn’t part of my “tree.” Familiar surnames lead me to believe this is a branch of the tree but no evidence yet. (I only deal with public records sources.)

It’s a miracle !!

Per my ritual, I was in bed at ten o’clock last night and did not get up until seconds before seven this morning. I do not recall being awake, and did not get up during those almost nine hours. Hallelujah!!

Exasperation and elation !!

Addicted to!! I’ve said it frequently: I search, and search, and search!! Most recently, I was searching for the wife of a “third cousin.” I only had her married surname and absolutely could not locate records I could honestly attribute to her. Oh yes, lots of “maybe” information but I don’t add to my database unless solid documentation. “Did I miss something?” I went back to the records for her husband, and examined the “original” marriage application. BINGO!! It was all spelled out in black and white: Birth date, name of parents, birthday of husband…. Armed with that data, I went from one sketchy record to thirty-three accurate records. Hazel remarried several years after death of Otto, and buried (logically) with married surname.  Documenting this one woman, led to documentation of parents, and grandparents. In total, conservatively  eighty-nine “sources” to several individuals. Albeit, not my direct line “family” but my time, and energy, may assist another researcher as they seek to find their family member.

Confession (deliberately in tiny print): Two days in my night-gown, and robe; only opened the door one time in two days. Few meals because overdue for grocery shopping!! With, there isn’t a stopping point!  ~~ Overcast, gloomy, rainy day and meteorologist said “Wetter before it gets better.” (Rational?!)

Torrential rain (almost) as remnants of Hurricane Willa moves from Pacific ocean through Mexico and into Texas. The storm shut down my satellite television and Internet. Boo-hoo, no evening news!!


Very little, if any, sleep; up at 3:33 AM. I get so impatient, tossing and turning!! Finally, I got up so I can “be productive.”

An email message greeted me saying a “cousin” found me through our DNA. She didn’t give me any details so I’m “sleepless” and “curious.”

I’m good at finding illusive relatives but I can’t find a good night’s sleep!! I was yawning–and oh so sleepy–so back to bed between 5:28 and 6:52. Didn’t go to sleep. “Up” to watch/listen to the Today Show. Frequently I fall asleep in my easy chair in front of TV set. First time this season, I’ll wrap up in my “Slanket.”

I **did** sleep through a large portion of the Today Show. I awakened to hear Megan Kelly talking about “politically correct” Halloween costumes. Without any effort, I can be a “Zombie” (lol).

After an exchange of messages with my new “DNA cousin,” I launched a search in hopes I could locate her family. (I love a challenge!!) As I understood, from her original brief message, her father didn’t know his father.  “Cousin” recently learned her grandfather’s surname was Benson.  I won’t bore you will all the details but will simply state I found promising information in the book I published in 1996 (Frantz Families–Kith & Kin). With that information, I started developing that branch of the tree in my Ancestry database. They are, likewise, descendants of  Immigrant Michael Frantz and it has been my privilege to document the Frantz family.