Out of shape !!


Such a beautiful afternoon so approached yard work in a leisurely Sunday afternoon way. Nothing strenuous planned. Well, the little bit I did wore me out!! Too much time “sitting” and not enough “exercise”?!


As noted on the picture, all these will be pruned, and moved under shelter of the carport. Last year I lost many precious (to me) plants during extremely cold weather. This year I’m “planning ahead”…. I’ll use my Worx Aerocart to move those heavy planters.

Treasure Trove ?!

I’d rather “search” than sweep, or rake leaves. They (leaves) are piling up on patio, and yard. It’s an absolutely gorgeous day, outside, but I am inside sitting at my computer. There’s a family that grabs my attention and I can’t walk away.  No breakfast, and it’s past lunch time, and I can’t walk away. I’m finding so many “possibilities” but not enough to “set in cement.” Seriously, there is never a “stopping point” with Ancestry.com

It’s downright scary…

…and I’m not referring to Halloween!!

Recently, I launched a search for the grandfather of a “cousin.” She provided very little information BUT  I was able to build a “tree limb” with thirty-two family members. Six individuals not attached to her family, but quite possibly extended family. “It’s downright scary”  because–in the wrong hands–so much information about individuals: Birth dates, residence locations, etc., etc. Quite possibly, I could drive to Florida and walk up to the residence of my “cousin.” (I don’t “travel” anymore so I won’t test that theory.)

Voracious appetite !!

I’m starved!! Climbing “the family tree”  made me hungry!! If it didn’t require a fourteen mile round trip, I’d go to a “fast food” establishment in Livingston. However, I’m too sensible for that and will eat an apple–purchased yesterday.