It’s downright scary…

…and I’m not referring to Halloween!!

Recently, I launched a search for the grandfather of a “cousin.” She provided very little information BUT  I was able to build a “tree limb” with thirty-two family members. Six individuals not attached to her family, but quite possibly extended family. “It’s downright scary”  because–in the wrong hands–so much information about individuals: Birth dates, residence locations, etc., etc. Quite possibly, I could drive to Florida and walk up to the residence of my “cousin.” (I don’t “travel” anymore so I won’t test that theory.)

2 comments on “It’s downright scary…

  1. KBC says:

    It is a bit scary and now I have released my DNA to the world!

    • Personally, I don’t think “DNA to the world” is a problem. With “Ancestry” and “social media,” our lives are visible. With details on my blog, an individual can easily locate my residence. But I haven’t anything to hide and “visitors welcome.”

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