Treasure Trove ?!

I’d rather “search” than sweep, or rake leaves. They (leaves) are piling up on patio, and yard. It’s an absolutely gorgeous day, outside, but I am inside sitting at my computer. There’s a family that grabs my attention and I can’t walk away.  No breakfast, and it’s past lunch time, and I can’t walk away. I’m finding so many “possibilities” but not enough to “set in cement.” Seriously, there is never a “stopping point” with

One comment on “Treasure Trove ?!

  1. Leland says:

    Searching…smerching. Do you have a DNA relative from the Isle of Man? I have one and I now know the lsle of Man like the back of my hand or is it the back of my foot? FYI, the Isle of Man suffered a similar fate as the folks from Ireland. Many got out of Dodge between 1840 and 1860. My DNA cousin ended up in New Zealand but neither one of us can find the connection. The Isle of Man has an excellent genealogical website should you ever need to find a Manx: No my cousin is not Dan Quayle.

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