Exasperation and elation !!

Addicted to Ancestry.com!! I’ve said it frequently: I search, and search, and search!! Most recently, I was searching for the wife of a “third cousin.” I only had her married surname and absolutely could not locate records I could honestly attribute to her. Oh yes, lots of “maybe” information but I don’t add to my database unless solid documentation. “Did I miss something?” I went back to the records for her husband, and examined the “original” marriage application. BINGO!! It was all spelled out in black and white: Birth date, name of parents, birthday of husband…. Armed with that data, I went from one sketchy record to thirty-three accurate records. Hazel remarried several years after death of Otto, and buried (logically) with married surname.  Documenting this one woman, led to documentation of parents, and grandparents. In total, conservatively  eighty-nine “sources” to several individuals. Albeit, not my direct line “family” but my time, and energy, may assist another researcher as they seek to find their family member.

Confession (deliberately in tiny print): Two days in my night-gown, and robe; only opened the door one time in two days. Few meals because overdue for grocery shopping!! With Ancestry.com, there isn’t a stopping point!  ~~ Overcast, gloomy, rainy day and meteorologist said “Wetter before it gets better.” (Rational?!)

Torrential rain (almost) as remnants of Hurricane Willa moves from Pacific ocean through Mexico and into Texas. The storm shut down my satellite television and Internet. Boo-hoo, no evening news!!

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