Very little, if any, sleep; up at 3:33 AM. I get so impatient, tossing and turning!! Finally, I got up so I can “be productive.”

An email message greeted me saying a “cousin” found me through our DNA. She didn’t give me any details so I’m “sleepless” and “curious.”

I’m good at finding illusive relatives but I can’t find a good night’s sleep!! I was yawning–and oh so sleepy–so back to bed between 5:28 and 6:52. Didn’t go to sleep. “Up” to watch/listen to the Today Show. Frequently I fall asleep in my easy chair in front of TV set. First time this season, I’ll wrap up in my “Slanket.”

I **did** sleep through a large portion of the Today Show. I awakened to hear Megan Kelly talking about “politically correct” Halloween costumes. Without any effort, I can be a “Zombie” (lol).

After an exchange of messages with my new “DNA cousin,” I launched a search in hopes I could locate her family. (I love a challenge!!) As I understood, from her original brief message, her father didn’t know his father.  “Cousin” recently learned her grandfather’s surname was Benson.  I won’t bore you will all the details but will simply state I found promising information in the book I published in 1996 (Frantz Families–Kith & Kin). With that information, I started developing that branch of the tree in my Ancestry database. They are, likewise, descendants of  Immigrant Michael Frantz and it has been my privilege to document the Frantz family.

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