“Moorhead” mania ?!

The quandary of a “cousin” has become my obsession; I keep searching in hopes I can find the family of her father. Uncertain of accurate attachment, I started a new “tree branch” anticipating I could (later) merge with individuals in my major database. In Real Estate they say “location, location, location.” The “location” is Indiana and I had a “gut feeling” the families would fit. Thus far, unsuccessful!

Eight PM, and I’ve been working with the Moorhead surname (and collateral lines) all day. Never give up, never give up, never give up!! One woman had three marriages and it was like “looking for a needle in a haystack”  to find documentation of the marriages. Her name was listed in Directories with married name but difficult to find the marriage. I’m persistent but confess to hours on a family that isn’t part of my “tree.” Familiar surnames lead me to believe this is a branch of the tree but no evidence yet. (I only deal with public records sources.)

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