CCC = Concocting cousin connections

Maybe “concocting” isn’t the right word because every detail is “correct.” I wanted to use “crazy” CCC “clipart” (lol). Recently, due to DNA testing, “cousins” have “contacted” me. Yesterday, the following looked very “confusing” but “considerably clearer” while enjoying my morning “cup of coffee.” (Humor me: Poor night’s sleep, and “creating” blog message gets me up and going. See the strong emphasis on “C”?) ~~~~ To protect “cousin’s” identity, some information “cropped.” ~~~ Ninth cousin.

It seems we may be related via the Bell line. See what you think: BLOODLINE: Lorraine Evon Frantz (m. Edwards) (1935 – ) 9th cousin Pearl Olma Showalter (1906 – 1994) Mother of Lorraine Evon Frantz (m. Edwards) John Arthur Showalter (1881 – 1980) Father of Pearl Olma Showalter George Thomas Showalter (1848 – 1921) Father of John Arthur Showalter Nancy Elizabeth Bell (1827 – 1860) Mother of George Thomas Showalter John Bell (1789 – 1839) Father of Nancy Elizabeth Bell grandson of John Bell (1760 – ) Father of John Bell son of John Bell (1730 – ) Father of grandson of John Bell John Bell Jr (1700 – ) parent of son of John Bell John Andrew Bell (1668 – 1713) Father of John Bell Jr Richard Bell (1631 – 1734) Father of John Andrew Bell Elizabeth Rebecca Bell (1655 – 1710) Daughter of Richard Bell Jean Martyn (1675 – 1756) Son of Elizabeth Rebecca Bell Hanna White Martyn (1703 – ) Daughter of Jean Martyn Mary Martin (1740 – ) Daughter of Hanna White Martyn Henry Cousins (1783 – 1867) Son of Mary Martin Mary Jane Cousins (1828 – ) Daughter of Henry Cousins Mary Kesish Beatty (1856 – 1934) Daughter of Mary Jane Cousins James Edwin Smith (1879 – 1940) Son of ….

Another cousin is “closer”: Second cousin, two times removed. That’s the one that prompted the search (two days ago). My earlier search was futile, and “connection” came from an unexpected branch of the tree.

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