Horticulture Friday !!

The local Lowe’s has about a dozen large rolling racks full of mark-down plants.  The freeze that killed my Begonias probably affected Lowe’s plant inventory?! I bought fifteen plants today–most were just $1.00 each.

It’s a conspiracy: I had a long message all typed out and then “poof” it was deleted!!

As I was saying, I bought fifteen plants and planted three. First: shopping; second: brought my printer from my RV site storage and set it up; third: CARE Health Fair meeting; fourth: planting plants but not enough “day.” It is 7:00 PM and a strong chilly wind is blowing and it drove me indoors (although I planned to plant as long as there was daylight). More rain forecast for Saturday and Sunday; yuck!! It will be six days before we have another warm day like today.

I’ve started a planned experiment. Remember the Nature’s Head composting toilet I bought last October? I have two identical Calibrachoa (Million Bells) plants in two identical planters, hanging side by side on a Shepherd’s Hook. It will be interesting to see if the plant with compost will grow better than the one in identical soil without compost.

I was “too busy” today to think about pictures. True story: The camera never entered my mind. Strange because I usually have it handy.

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