Busy Thursday !!

Spring garden flagAn old saying “Make hay while the sun shines.” I’m “making progress” on a bright sunny day!! The side yard, and back of the trailer, have been unsightly (IMHO) but the weather has been my enemy. I couldn’t work in the yard. I’ve received more visitors lately and felt embarrassed by the clutter. Much has been accomplished; it’s 3:00 PM and I need to “take a break.”  ~~ I should take more soggy wet rugs, and towels, to the laundry room; I should…, I should. Maybe later?! (So many things got wet in this last storm.)

My “break” was interrupted by the maintenance supervisor saying “You need to get busy with the weed-wacker.”  So I was in the yard for half-an-hour and appealed to him to put the “Y” on the faucet so I can attach the garden hose, and eventually water the plants. (Not now, so soon after the hard rain.) My purchase, brass “Y.” Every time I turn around, a new expense. Tomorrow a new friend and I will go to Lowe’s for some bedding plants. (The Begonias planted on February 23rd were killed by the recent freeze.)


Heaven help me!! Using the weed-wacker is a lot of work!! BUT I need to master the project; maintenance won’t do it!! “They” mow the yards with a riding lawn mower. Because I have “so much stuff” in my yard “they” can’t get in. Therefore, I have to maintain my yard or give up “so much stuff.” Honestly, I’ve never used a weed-wacker and I severed the line several times. I needed to re-thread and re-spool several times. Fortunately the do-it-myself projects (though the years) provided the necessary mechanical skills. Frankly, I didn’t finish the job; I quit!! Boy am I tired!! Too tired to fix fresh broccoli, salad and mashed potatoes. I think I’ll head over to the dining room for a burrito.  (Shame, shame on me; shame, shame on the cook!! Really poor meals!! OK, OK, I talked myself out of a burrito; I’ll fix the wholesome food. ).

2 comments on “Busy Thursday !!

  1. Deb says:

    What were you using? A heavy gas trimmer? Hopefully it had a shoulder strap. Much lighter electric and now rechargeable ones are available, although they aren’t as strong. The newer ones that run on battery at least automatically let out string now. I always hated having to fix the string.

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