Tell me again, wadjado ??

Three guesses, two don’ t count!! It rained last night; this morning was dark and gloomy. But I worked in the yard (without thought of breakfast or lunch). It’s 4 o’clock and I’ve spent a few minutes preparing a salad, and will enjoy it while uploading pictures and writing a message. ~~ There’s an old saying “Make hay while the sun shines.” I believe in “make a garden if the weather permits.” Do it while I can!! Life’s unpredictable. Friday: Conversation with a CARE volunteer; 3:00 PM, she had a stroke; last night she died.


Visit messages published less than two years ago when I was creating “the masterpiece,” and working on other backyard projects.

Before river rock and planter soil

Soil added


Later, I'll add Petunias

A new place for the old Petunia

Unique trellis


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