Mold and mildew !!

Gratefully, I am healthy (PTL)!! I’m old (three quarters and counting) and tire easily!! It was a BIG job just moving (almost) everything out of the little T@B trailer. The actual cleaning will have to wait for another day. I have…. (Slight interruption here because I just noticed about two hundred Robins on the ground in the open area next of my trailer. A neighbor said the field was black, one year, with Robins as they feasted here on their journey North.) Continuing: I have GreenShield Organic Bathroom Cleaner “removes Mold & Mildew,” that I plan to use. A dear lady-friend sent this article about tested products. If GreenShield doesn’t do the job, I’ll check the others.

No work in the garden today because too many other things begging for my attention. This morning I watered about fifty plants in the CARE Center. I’ve been preoccupied with my yard and neglected the house plants–and some were quite dry.

Under the refrigerator, next to the door.

By the door, left side

Under the cabinets; extreme rear

Under the cabinets; extreme rear

Under the cabinets; extreme rear

Under the cabinets; extreme rear

Door side, wheel well

Mold around wheel well

Directly across from the door, where Nature's Head sits

Damp T@B info

T@B info with mold

Out of T@B, sitting on table

Covered with a tarp

Next, the job of cleaning

Sikes Morris Chair

Sikes Morris Chair


This morning, I took more than a dozen pictures of an antique Sikes Morris chair that one resident wants to sell. It’s a beauty!! (The resident is a pain in the derrière!) I have the opportunity to advertise “free” on eBay and she can’t make up her mind what she wants for a minimum bid. No lie: She thinks it may be worth “a quarter of a million dollars.”


Postscript, Thurs., Feb. 27, 2014, 11:00: I did my research (on the Internet); I received email answers from antique appraisers. The chair only has a value **if** someone wants to buy it. The  old lady is determined it is valuable (but won’t give me a minimum bid). I walked away from that miserable old woman and I pray I am never, never (repeat: never) as stubborn, cantankerous, ornery, negative and difficult-to-get-along-with as that individual.

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