Thirty-two degrees outside; fifty-seven degrees inside (9:45 AM). I’m wrapped in a blanket with the little electric heater at my feet and legs. The furnace isn’t working!! Yesterday I stayed home; today I’ll “hang out” in the CARE Center (with heat).

Icicles on Hummingbird feeder

Icicles on Hummingbird feeder

Icicles on plastic Bluebird house

Icicles on "old" Bluebird house

Begonias before the freeze

Frozen Begonias

Icicles on compost pail


Postscript, 10:15: “Got heat?” ~~ “Yes.” (Maintenance came to check… and [“it’s a guy thing”] the furnace started working.)


Guilty signPostscript, 11:00 AM: I’m feeling guilty!! The bird feeders are empty and birds are on the ground and around the empty feeders looking for seeds. I **should** refill but hate to go out in the cold!!!!! Only thirty-three degrees outside; sixty-three inside.


Mid-afternoon and the icicles have not melted!!

Icicles on veggie scrap pail

Icicles on Hummingbird feeder

Icicles on bird feeder

Time and temperature

One comment on “Icicles

  1. Deb says:

    I hate to see the poor plants, and hear about the heat problem…but it’s actually kind of pretty. You got some neat pictures.

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