“Just looking !?”

Bluebird on bird house

"Just looking"

It has been less than twenty-four hours since I set up that Bluebird house. I considered that location “for a decoration”–not for actual use. I can’t have two Bluebird houses within sight of one another. Too few locations on the opposite side of my trailer home (and the soil is rock solid so I couldn’t get the base into the ground). To my amazement–while preparing lunch–I see the male Bluebird checking it out. It’s almost like he can see me in the window and says “Just looking.”


Bitterly cold last night!! My recently planted Begonias were petrified when I checked them this morning, at 8:30. It was twenty-five degrees most of the morning (and probably most of the night?) and only forty degrees at 12:55 PM. ~~ I had intended to drive to Lufkin, or The Woodlands, for a day of “Just looking” but have no desire to be out in this cold weather. (Did you notice that I added another penny to Three Quarters And Counting [in About]? That’s the only additional note I want to make regarding this date.)


Happy Birthday LoraineTo my utter amazement, I went to Google for a search and was greeted with this image and the caption “Happy Birthday Lorraine.” With the Internet, our life is an open book!!

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