Done day Sunday !!

Planting a treeLife's all about my gardenSaturday “done me in”!! I am in major pain this morning (9:00). Yesterday I probably spent two hours browsing the garden shop of Lowe’s. The purchases for Friday and Saturday total $100.00. Friday afternoon, I planted three…, Saturday I planted fourteen. I believe I have about a dozen more plants awaiting my attention. ~~ Let’s face it: I love a bargain!! All the $1. plants (mark downs) held me like a magnet. ~~ I needed more planter soil BUT  I’m using material from my composter so the purchased product will go a long ways.

Getting old is a real bummer!! My mind wants to “do” projects but the body rebels. Today I planned to move the T@B trailer to the front of the Carriage trailer but (at this moment [9:15] lack the energy). Sunday morning is a good time to shift because the neighbor’s vehicles are gone so I have more space to navigate in. I hate to move the T@B but a direct order from the Facility Director. Two or three of us could have pushed the T@B into the new position BUT  “they” have recognized that I am self-sufficient.Smiley face with flower

Sounds like I am complaining?? No (IMHO), just reporting on my activities!!


Postscript, 11:45 AM: Actually, thirty-two plants (many in “six packs”). ~~ A man just left after surveying the roof for possible source of the leak; an estimate to follow. I tried to pay him, and his co-laborer, to roll my little trailer from point A to point B.  They declined.


ten_bean_soupI wish I had the ability to send pleasant smells with my blog. I’m fixing Ragin’ Cajun (brand) “Cajun Style Ten Bean Soup with Seasonings and Vegetables” for an event this evening. The CARE Health Fair week kicks off with “Soup Fest” at 4 o’clock.


7:20 PM and I wish I could send some pleasant smelling, tastes delicious, Ten Bean Soup home with you!! Some of the eighteen varieties were quickly gone (sold out) but mine was hardly touched. I have four containers (now in the refrigerator) and each will provide a generous meal (tomorrow they go into the freezer). FYI: Soups were donated; sales totaled $431.00.  Everyone is happy!!


Postscript, Monday, March 24, 2014, 11:40 AM: I enjoyed Ten Bean Soup for brunch. It really is very good!! Yesterday, I added fresh celery and fresh carrots as I prepared the soup; today I added about one-half cup of left-over mashed potatoes (to the small portion I was reheating). The soup was thick and bursting with flavor!!


Smiley face very sadAdditional Postscript, Monday, March 24, 2014, 1:30 PM: Received a phone call from repairman with dollar amount to hopefully repair the roof against future leaks. I say “hopefully” because the source of a leak can be so illusive!! I’ll have to abandon the idea of a trip to North Carolina–late April into early May–for the T@B Blue Ridge Rally.


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  1. Deb says:

    Are you able to get more than one opinion/estimate?

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