Did you miss me?

I’m back!! My computer is my “pacifier”  and I’m content.

On Friday, I drove to my “computer guy” in Onalaska and I’m confident he is a magician!! My computer was fixed the minute I walked in the door. No more problems. It was embarrassing to sit at the table and attempt to display the troublesome features. Tim just sat there and grinned. I had been struggling with the laptop built-in mouse-pad but working fine in the “magic castle.” I was advised to stop at Walmart (on my way home) and get a mouse.


Early this morning, I was in the yard watering the plants. Back indoors at 6:50 just as the TV “anchorman” asked the meteorologist “When does it get cool again?” The answer: “October 22nd.” Check my blog messages; I think I recently said hot and humid until Halloween.

Desperately weary sitting inside my trailer home (“climbing the family tree”  on the other computer); yearning for needed exercise, I tackled the strenuous task of filling two holes. The clay soil is “hard as a brick”  so I’d “wet it down”  and then scrape that damp dirt into the hole. “Wet it down”  again (and again) until too hot… and old lady forced indoors. ~~ Two-fifty PM as I publish this message. Next, some thoughts for blog messages (unpublished) while computer was not responding to my wishes (lol).

The measure of my worth ?!

Decades ago (the 1960s), I had a girlfriend who told me how to measure my worth. “Make a fist, stick it in a bucket of water. When you pull it out you see no impression. That’s your worth.”  She was not being nasty; she was expressing the truth as she saw it. Likewise, recently I saw a measure of **my** worth.

Many months ago, I hired a man to take down, and repair, the ceiling fixture in the laundry room. The “Casablanca fan” came down but the repairman never returned to complete the task. My landlady accused me of stealing the fixture. In February, her son-in-law told me he would hang… if I bought another fan. I made the purchase a couple of days later but “Sonny” did not return until mid-May. My fixture and two ladders were adjacent to the laundry room door. After my cruise, I found a new fan in the laundry room and my fixture ignored. My item had fan and light; the new fixture is fan only. Due to my limited vision, even during daylight hours, I need a flashlight to read the dial on the washer and dryer.  ~~ **The measure of my worth?!**

After the father of my sons deserted us (in 1964), I raised the three boys alone. They’re grown now but I never receive a Mother’s Day card; never a birthday greeting; never a Christmas gift.  *The measure of my worth?**


Only two responses (many weeks ago) to my ad. I won’t renew the advertisement in Foundation for Intentional Community. I’ll continue to enjoy my current excellent living arrangements and trust that “my intentional community”  will find me at the appropriate time. No response to my ad is “the measure of my worth”?


On the cruise, several new acquaintances expressed interest in my blog messages, and my family tree. I gave away many cards with personal information. A week has lapsed and no email messages from those cruise acquaintances. **The measure of my worth?**

Ancient history !!

On Memorial Day Sunday, 1977, (May 29th) yours truly was married to Donald Dean Edwards. It was a beautiful setting in the extremely beautiful gardens at Westmont College Campus, Santa Barbara, California. The wedding took place under an arbor laden with sweet-smelling Wisteria blooms. ~~ Donald went to Heaven in 1983 and (I surmise) is surrounded by God’s beautiful gardens (and marvelous music). ~~ Because I express pleasure in my humble garden, I often reminisce on places I’ve visited with formal, professionally manicured gardens. ~~ Spring, and summer, 1959, 1960, 1961, yours truly photographed the magnificent gardens at the Palace Versaille, France, and Palace Fontainbleau, France. My family often visited other exquisite gardens in France and Germany. Pleasant memories!!

Kaput ?

No pictures; no clip art!! Lorraine signing in from the newer computer. “Old Faithful”  is retired until I can take it to my “computer guy.”

I diligently spent time trying to correct problems but actually made the situation worse. “Red Nose Day”  prepared yesterday (and scheduled) before the computer went “kaput.”

“Hot” conversation ?

“Hot”  because “the gardener” just came indoors after the irresistible urge to spend time in the yard. Eighty-one degrees at ten o’clock but “feels like”  ninety degrees. Took pictures of “volunteer” flowers blooming in unattended areas (but can’t share those pictures today). It’s almost the first of the month so I nourished my plants with liquid fertilizer. Furthermore, no exaggeration: I picked up approximately one-hundred fallen limbs! Ran fresh cold water into the birdbath/fountain.

“Hot conversation”  with an amusing twist. I loved the cruise ship shower because I could stand there for half-an-hour with hot water running on my aching neck and shoulders. I’m limited in my trailer home; the hot water tank doesn’t last long.

Speaking of my trailer home: The RV repairman is due this afternoon to (hopefully) reverse my RV refrigerator from “hot”  to cold.  Fifty-seven degrees inside the refrigerator at ten-thirty. Obviously, I don’t have anything stored in that refrigerator.

“Hot” and humid Memorial Day weekend is predicted. “Hot and sweaty” when I came indoors but made another cup of hot coffee to enjoy as I prepare this message.

Glad to report I got a good night’s sleep (for the first time in two weeks [or more]). Even with the air-conditioner running twenty-four hours a day, I awaken “hot” a couple of times.

Check back because I may think of another “hot” news topic.

Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Now I can add the pictures mentioned earlier. Today, I see the Turk’s Cap is beginning to bloom. Love my garden!!


Refrigerator RV repairman

The wacky world of computers!! I processed the new pictures (in Picasa) and tried a “test.” For some unknown unexplainable reason, I was able to insert pictures into a blog message. “It’s a miracle?”  There’s still a major problem (!!) because I fought a difficult battle for each picture. As I prepared to “publish,”  the pictures were suddenly deleted!! I was forced to reconstruct the message. ~~ Now we wait to see if the refrigerator gets cold. ~~



Sunday, Memorial Day weekend, and the RV refrigerator is still not working. This is only one of a host of problems. Due to the hack of my identity, new checking account, new credit card, my auto insurance was canceled due to the inability of the company to debit my Bank account. Likewise, my Legal Shield was canceled (and I’ve been a client for thirty years). Earlier today, I thought Hughes had canceled my Internet. A bright sunny day, no clouds, no interference, but no signal.

Happy Wednesday

Time to walk away from the computer?

I’m still struggling with this computer but can’t shift to the newer computer. This six-year-old computer has photography software (Picasa) and years of pictures. Likewise all the vast collection of “clip art.” ~~ Time to unpack the suitcase and do laundry!! Time to drive into Livingston for groceries.

After publishing this message, I surveyed the earlier messages. After all my work to prepare “organized” pictures, I see disorganization. My sincere apology for (in my humble opinion) unsatisfactory blog messages. Perhaps another “problem” I can attribute to this computer?? Or “ignoramus” old lady??

Yours truly is experiencing problems inserting actual pictures into a blog message. “Clip art” is still accessible. Round and round I go trying to resolve the extremely frustrating computer problem. I’m reading “help” menus, I’m searching for answers.

Good and bad news ?!

Because of computer problems, I can’t copy links to this message. I suggest you do a Google search for Zultanite and read the details of the rare stone. I was attracted to the gemstone during a seminar on the cruise ship. I nearly had a heart attack when I heard the prices on the ship. On one of the islands, at a shop at the end of the pier, I saw Zultanite at a more reasonable price. Later, back on the ship, a salesman in the jewelry store said it was a fake.

Another island, another shop, I was drawn to this ring that resembles a ring I loved, and lost. This ring was within my budget but the earrings were “too expensive.”

Another island, another shop, and a salesman suggested my birthstone.

Preparing for the cruise, trying on pretty (old, neglected) clothes, packing jewelry, I felt “ladylike.” Seated in a fine dining room, linen tablecloth, fine dishes, and glassware, I was elevated beyond the shabby clothes worn at home working in my garden. I was no longer an “orphan adult”  looking for her “Intentional Community.”

Quite possibly, I bought “costume jewelry” at jewelry store prices. The rings are pretty and I hope for opportunities to wear and enjoy.