Did you miss me?

I’m back!! My computer is my “pacifier”  and I’m content.

On Friday, I drove to my “computer guy” in Onalaska and I’m confident he is a magician!! My computer was fixed the minute I walked in the door. No more problems. It was embarrassing to sit at the table and attempt to display the troublesome features. Tim just sat there and grinned. I had been struggling with the laptop built-in mouse-pad but working fine in the “magic castle.” I was advised to stop at Walmart (on my way home) and get a mouse.


Early this morning, I was in the yard watering the plants. Back indoors at 6:50 just as the TV “anchorman” asked the meteorologist “When does it get cool again?” The answer: “October 22nd.” Check my blog messages; I think I recently said hot and humid until Halloween.

Desperately weary sitting inside my trailer home (“climbing the family tree”  on the other computer); yearning for needed exercise, I tackled the strenuous task of filling two holes. The clay soil is “hard as a brick”  so I’d “wet it down”  and then scrape that damp dirt into the hole. “Wet it down”  again (and again) until too hot… and old lady forced indoors. ~~ Two-fifty PM as I publish this message. Next, some thoughts for blog messages (unpublished) while computer was not responding to my wishes (lol).

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