“Hot” conversation ?

“Hot”  because “the gardener” just came indoors after the irresistible urge to spend time in the yard. Eighty-one degrees at ten o’clock but “feels like”  ninety degrees. Took pictures of “volunteer” flowers blooming in unattended areas (but can’t share those pictures today). It’s almost the first of the month so I nourished my plants with liquid fertilizer. Furthermore, no exaggeration: I picked up approximately one-hundred fallen limbs! Ran fresh cold water into the birdbath/fountain.

“Hot conversation”  with an amusing twist. I loved the cruise ship shower because I could stand there for half-an-hour with hot water running on my aching neck and shoulders. I’m limited in my trailer home; the hot water tank doesn’t last long.

Speaking of my trailer home: The RV repairman is due this afternoon to (hopefully) reverse my RV refrigerator from “hot”  to cold.  Fifty-seven degrees inside the refrigerator at ten-thirty. Obviously, I don’t have anything stored in that refrigerator.

“Hot” and humid Memorial Day weekend is predicted. “Hot and sweaty” when I came indoors but made another cup of hot coffee to enjoy as I prepare this message.

Glad to report I got a good night’s sleep (for the first time in two weeks [or more]). Even with the air-conditioner running twenty-four hours a day, I awaken “hot” a couple of times.

Check back because I may think of another “hot” news topic.

Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Now I can add the pictures mentioned earlier. Today, I see the Turk’s Cap is beginning to bloom. Love my garden!!


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